oh how I love thee!

I LOOOOOOOVE love.  Who doesn't?  So, naturally, I love Valentine's Day!  Earlier in the week we had some sweet friends over for cookie decorating.  It was loud, hyper, high-pitched & a cuteness overload.  Seriously loved it.  The results weren't too shabby either...helped myself to plenty!  Although it was slightly difficult to get the kids to actually decorate the cookies prior to stuffing their faces.

cookie decorating!

(unsuspecting little sister got decorated with a heart smiley face!)

Valentine's Day started off just right with a hearty breakfast of champions and a Jesus Loves You party!  We all wrote encouragements to one another and stuffed them into our special envelopes (that I've been saving all year--hooray for remembering them!).  The kids were super stoked about their googly-eyed Valentine's to hand out at their respective parties at school that afternoon.  They came home with a loot of encouragements and candies.  Topped the wonderful day off with a hot date with my man!  We ate an AMAZING dinner thanks to Glen & Kat Miller (Gordon Ramsey ain't got nothing on him!) and then a surprise candlelit, rose-petal "indoor" picnic surprise afterwards.  Jason is always full of surprises and this year he out-did himself!  I LOVE MY FAMILY!  I feel insanely blessed to be in this season with our littles, full of chaos and yet SO full of joy.

Party Central!

My Valentines!  Geez, I love them.

syrup. even got in on the action this year...so fun!  I would love to devour one of those about...now.



...drumroll please...

...more drumming...


Perfectly sweet.  She was born December 19th at 1:13pm weighing in at a whopping 6 pounds and 3 ounces.  Measuring 19.5 inches long.  We couldn't be happier.  Labor was awesome.  Seriously!

(Doesn't she look JUST like Selah!? We call her 2point0)

We were so lucky to get to have "G" there for the delivery this time.  She loves him already.

The other kids have adjusted amazingly and absolutely adore their baby sister.  At the end of December Mercy was hospitalized for RSV.  Awful experience but we are celebrating her recovery after contracting it a second time.  We are expert snot suckers these days and our tiny girl is a fighter!  Please pray for her continued health and improvement.

It's never too late to do a little introduction, right!?  It needed to happen.  4th child.


Dusting off the blog!

Dusting off the ol' blog with a much needed update:

Our family is truly on the ride of our lives.  An adventure like never before.  Changes often come with challenges and we've had our fair share of both over the past several months.  Exciting, exhilerating & exhausting and yet full of joy and promise.  I love these days.

In August...
  • went to Portland with two of my greatest friends to get trained by Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  • we said goodbye to our friends and beloved church in Norman, OK.  That was SAD! 
  • we left a home/house we love
  • our kids started new schools
  • officially became a soccer mom
  • we moved to a city we LOVE (Waco, TX!)
  • moved into a rental home sight unseen (never again!)
  • we reconnected with old friends

In September...
  • we opened a restaurant.  Insanity.  Yet, God.  It's called syrup. and it is a blast with some amazing breakfast yummies and the most amazing employees on the planet.  I'm not even exaggerating.  I dare you to search the globe for better employees.  Won't find 'em. At least you won't convince me.  
I miss this little oasis on Main Street, Norman, OK.  God initiated this little project with us years before.  Alllllll profits go to supporting humanitarian and missionary projects worldwide.  If you are in the area, please eat there.  But beware.  It's addictive.  With coffee that's similar to crack you'll want to go back over and over again.  However, I can't take credit for it.  I barely even cook dinner for my own family.  It's 100% God-initiated, family-supported and run by friends.  We are just bystanders in awe!

In October...
  • we celebrated our favorite five year old's birthday.
  • we became curiously ill (sick for WEEKS!)
  • Selah Strawberry Shortcake made the news while trick-or-treating.  She was CUTE!

In November...
  • we visited our favorite city in America, home-sweet-home Portland, OR & got to re-connect with friends and our old church!  Such a sweet time!
  • Ashley had an emergency hospital stay (due to curious illness)
  • we drove to visit grandparents and great-grandparents for Thanksgiving
  • True lost four teeth!
  • moved into a second rental home after finding out the curious, incessant sickness was actually a mold infestation in our first rental!

In December...
  • settled into rental home number two and was extremely thankful for a bit of calm & nesting time before sweet baby Mercy came!
  • Jason's mom remarried and all the cousins gathered.
  • watched two of our best friends get engaged!  
  • had a sweet baby shower with long-time friends
  • we had our fourth blessing!  Mercy Rose Kennedy was born on December 19th!
  • we celebrated our first Christmas as a little family unit
  • Jason started the bar exam prep course 6 days a week for the upcoming Texas State Bar Exam! (prrrrraaaaayyyyy!)
  • Five out of six of us all got the flu!
  • Mercy came down with RSV and had to be hospitalized. Sooooo sad.

In January...
  • said goodbye to my best friend!  Kami and I have been best friends since my freshman year in college.  Her and her family moved around the world on adventure with Jesus!  
  • we are FINALLY healthy after being sick for FOUR LONG MONTHS!
  • we are preparing for our THIRD move in Waco. 
  • we are adjusting to long, sleepless nights and being a family of six!
  • we are FULL OF JOY and expectation for what God has in store.  

In February...
  • Jason will be taking the bar exam
  • we will complete raising financial support
  • we will send off for our visas to LIVE in South Africa!  (dream come true!)
In March...
  • we will be saying goodbye to friends & family
In April...
  • we will be watching some of our best friends get married!
  • we will be moving to beautiful Capetown, South Africa! (more coming on that soon!)

Why did we move to Waco?
GREAT QUESTION!  Our missions agency is based here and we are working diligently on strategy, planning, team-building and raising financial support so we can launch our dream team this Spring!

Phew.  You made it to the end.  Way to go!